About Me

Study of Indian astrology, palmistry, numerology, yoga, Vedanta, meditation, Hinduistic cosmology between 1983 and 1991 in India.

Between 1986 und 1993 training in “Munich Rhythmenlehre” – holistic, structuralist, psychological, medical astrology and astrological homoeopathy with Wolfgang Doebereiner in Munich.

Training in Lightreading and the Hawaiian energy body massage Lomi Lomi with Christel Lieber between 1998 and 2002 in Bremen, Germany.

Since 1986 development of the “Berlin system of astrological geomancy and astrogeography”. Since 1996 astrogeographical consultation and map production for projects within the range of gentle and ecological landscape conservation and reorganization. Inventor of the “Berlin System of Astrological Geomancy” and the “Astrogeographical World Map System”.

Publication of astrological maps and town plans in print since 1998. For an overview of currently available editions click here.

Professional astrologer since 1992, astrological consultations in Spanish, English, German language.

I was born Feb,1 1962 in Duisburg, Germany with AC in Libra

Astrology, astrogeography in Berlin, karma astrology from the point of view of astrological psychology,, medcal astrology,

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