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Readings include a list of the 10 most important constitutional homeopathic remedies for the stimulation of solutions for your individual karmic issues as shown in your birth chart for a holstic self-treatment.

Medical astrology readings

My background:    I have been doing medical astrology  and astrological homeopathy readings for 25 years in my own practice in Berlin and as a travelling astrologer in a number of places in Germany, Spain, France, Austria and India.

Medical astrology as I have studied it is a great sytem devloped to overview the interrelations of the four bodies in regard to health and disease. The four bodies are:  the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual (karmic) bodies. Astrological readings are not meant to diagnose diseases but rather to examine and understand the interaction of physical, emotional, mental and karmic causes for diseases and accidents.

The central, most important question in astrology is how and why does individual fate function and what can we do to understand more about the way we create and attract our personal fate. Astrology is the only science that has been dealing with the question of why and how fate works. A positive, responsible kind of astrology is aimed at trying to conquer more awareness of our own resonsibility for the things that happen in our lives. This is the aspect through wich astrology can help us to have more influence on the way of life that we consciously and unconsciously create.

But astrology does not only examine the karmic aspects of diesease. It also serves as a unique instrument to understand in which parts of our body the effects of traumatic issues. stress, fatigue, congestion and overload work and also in which way the different organs are cut short in the individual traumatic system.

Astromedicine – Medical Astrology

The main topic in medical astrology is the question: why it comes to a disease. Causes for diseases are always looked for in the life situation of the person concerned. From the astrological point of view it comes to an illness or an accident without exception only if the development of a person is blocked.
The goal of the astromedical horoscope interpretation is to find out which prenatal or early childhood experience is underlying the block of development and can so be considered as part of the cause for disease.
What are and what causes blocks of development?
Blocks of development are karmic. We bring them along with us into life. During childhood we learn to have the same blocks that we used to have in former lives in order to go through a life long process of solving them.
In periods when we make no steps to take over the responsibility for our own happiness and the development of it in life, the flow of energy in our bodies can get stuck and we unconsciously install muscular blocks that impede the flow of energies.
When humans do not live themselves, but the dependence on an overlay of their true identities and fuller potentials by the external world this is called a block of development. Therefore in an astromedical consultation we try to put attention to the fact that everyone carries the self healing forces in him or herself.
For the purpose of development and the solution of our karma I consider self treatment to be more important than the medical treatment by the external world.
There is a certain point or degree of individualization in everyone of us from where we can only solve our karmic issues by ourselves and through self-responsibility. According to german law for the healing professions astrologers are not allowed to give medical treatment or diagnosis of diseases. Similar laws exist in almost every country worldwide.
But what astrologers can do and what I actually do is : I give you a 
list of those homeopathic remedies that refer to the astrological constellations in your birth chart. I so define your homeopathic constitutional remedies as those remedies, that are suitable for you in helping you to learn to solve the karmic and psychological blocks of development in your personal case.

On homeopathic self-treatment

Homeopathic self-treatment is aimed at: an overall self-treatment of karmic issues, stimulation of solutions and growth, leaving karmic issues behind, strengthening self-esteem, supporting self-centering and trusting in one´s own intuition, stimulating self-healing, supporting our performance in job and career, becoming more aware of the psychological reflexes and mechanisms through which  karmic blocks of development work, learning to endure success as well as “mistakes”, learning to handle and live more of our potentials.

I recommend in principle the homoeopathic self treatment supervised by a doctor or healer. Many healers, doctors, psychologists and other people who have studied and practised healing consult me to get this Astrological Homeopathy birth chart analysis in order to use it as a solid basis for treatment in combination with other types of therapies.

Medical astrology and yoga 

In order to support the homoeopathic self treatment I developed the “Yoga of the twelve astrological houses” – so that we can identify the individually important Yoga positions (asanas) for each person in the astrological consultation.


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