Astrology Consultations

Personal Astrological consultation with Georg Stockhorst in English, Spanish, German language!

Consultations via phone, skype, facebook, zoom

Personal appointments  in Berlin and Munich.


30 min.   60 €

1 h          100 €

1,5 h          140 €

All consultations can be recorded as digital audio files ready for transcription.

Relationship Chart

Astrological analysis of your individual personal psychological and karmic issues in love and other types of relationships.

Synastry, 7th solar and other relationship charts,

Analysis of transits for understanding current issues, cycles of learning, future developments.

Auspiscious dates for marriage and dating
Tarot card reading for understanding momentary unconscious emotions between partners

ca. 1 h – 1,5 h

Birth Chart Reading

Complete interpretation of your birth chart

Birth time verification

Topics of development – psychological astrology

Karma and spiritual astrology reading

2 years prognosis

Medical astrology analysis

List of constitutional homeopathic remedies

Relationship, job, career, family

Locational chart reading

ca. 1,5 h – 2 h

Locational astrology chart

Interpretation of your individual relationship to exact adresses, towns, regions, worldwide

Astrogeographical interpretation of your relationship to cultures and nations

Finding auspiscious places and dates for living, working, travelling, family life, finding a partner, spiritual development

ca. 30 min. – 1 h

Karma astrology chart

Interpretation of the main topics of kermic learning and devolpments.

Analysis of the the reason and origin of karmic issues from the pouint of view of astrological psychology

Astrogeographical analysis of individual roots

ca. 1,5 h

Medical astrology reading

Chart analysis of the topics of individuation from the point of view medical astrology, astrological psychology and psychosomatics

Medical chart reading from the point of view of holistic astrology.

List of constitutional homeopathic remedies for self-treatment under the supervision of a doctor or healer

Astrological analysis of karmic, emotional, mental und psychological causes for diease

Spotting blocks of the flow of energy in the

ca. 1,5 h

Child Horoscope

Interpretation of individual topics, strengths, karmic issues, career

Comparison with the natal charts of parents and relatives

ca. 30 min. – 1 h

Astrological prognosis

Analysis of current issues

Prognosis for 1 – 3 years

Understanding cyclic developments through transits

Rythmical activation through 7, 10 and 12 years rathm
Solar charts

30 min. – 1,5 h

Tarot reading

Tarot reading for all kind of topics,

Love relationship

Understanding unconscious and hidden issues

30 min. – 1 h


Palm Reading

Classical indian, astrological und astromedical palm reading

30 min. – 1 h

Astrology, astrogeography in Berlin, karma astrology from the point of view of astrological psychology,, medcal astrology,

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