Transit and Solar charts

Consultations dedicated to understanding past, current and future cycles, prognosis of future issues, auspiscious periods for realizing your projects and be prepared for difficult phases. Interpretation from the point of view buisness and carrer astrology and also from a holistic, systemical perspective on the karmic and psychological topics of learning and development.

Methods: planetary transits, solar charts, directions, rythmical activation of 2, 7,  10 and 12 years phases per house, horary and event charts.

Prognosis for single days, months, 1, 2, 5 or 7 year phases.

ca. 30 min. –  2 h

price: 50 € – 300 €

depends on the amount of preparation needed

Astrology, astrogeography in Berlin, karma astrology from the point of view of astrological psychology,, medcal astrology,

To make an appointment send an email to or call me at
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