Current Issues

Current Issues – all types of charts combined with tarot reading

For basic reading on various kinds of current issues I offer a package of a 1 h reading where we discuss all types of question you want to ask. It can include questions about current transit phases and topics of development, solar, karma, medical or compatibility charts, astrogeography and locational astrology, birth time verification, spiritual and psychological astrology, tarot reading and election of auspiscious dates.

1h   100 €

including calculations, chart preparation and audio recording

Astrology, astrogeography in Berlin, karma astrology from the point of view of astrological psychology,, medcal astrology,

To make an appointment send an email to or call me at
+49(0)30 345 12 33
(Mo.–Fr. 10:00–18:00 Uhr EST/UT +1h)