Karma, Reincarnation and Spiritual Astrology

Karma, Reincarnation and Spiritual Astrology

From the astrological point of view we bear responsibility for everything that happens in our life without exception, even although it is often not at all conscious to us why we do something and often even not, what we actually do. The astrological question is directed to clarify the sense and meaning of each part of our fate.

In a consultation I`m prepared to answer the following kinds of questions from the range of karmic astrology:

What is the development topic in this life? Why was I born? Wich patterns of experience, role behaviour, expectations and belief systems are effective in this life
Where do my development topics originate from?
Which development problem did I bring from my last incarnation?
In which countries did I already live?
Which karmic relationship exists to my lover, parents, friends, family members, partners?
How do I come to the fulfilment of my develoment in this life?

From the point of view of karmic astrology we are born into a social experience (parents, social class, cultural background) so that in our childhood we get imprinted everything, that was an unsolved development problem in earlier lives.
Only through this we have the chance to get rid of the past preventing us from living our presence.

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